The True Cost of Your Home.

Do Your Homework! (Due Diligence)

4 Things you need to know to find the true cost of your new home. RUNTIME 11:06

1) Get Prequalified

2) Find out what your taxes are

3) Find out what your homeowners insurance / flood insurance is

4) Find out what your maintenance is Once you do all these things you will have a much better idea of the true cost of your home.


Flood Zone Maps Palm Beach County - https://maps.co.palm-beach.fl.us/cwgis/?app=floodzones

Taxes - Palm Beach County Property Appraiser Office - https://www.pbcgov.com/papa/


This video is to advise Palm Beach County home buyers on a few things they should be doing before they buy a home. Things they shouldn't rely on anyone else to do. It's your Real Estate Homework. RUNTIME 9:06

1) Check any open open or closed permits

2) Does your home have hurricane protection?

3) Make a list of repairs and improvements you need to do and assign a dollar value.

correction: I said the hot water heater was a hinderance for obtaining my mortgage, I made a mistake it was for homeowners insurance.

Links: BUILDING PERMITS - http://onestopshop.wpbgov.com/eGovPlus/permit/perm_status.aspx