Is the Warehouse District the next Wynwood?

Is the West Palm Beach Warehouse District the next Wynwood? 

There are big changes coming to the Warehouse District, and they are coming fast. The opening of Grandview Market has put into motion a larger plan to rezone and create a Wynwood style walkable urban environment that will change this tiny parcel of land in very drastic ways.

The Warehouse District is nestled between I-95 to the West and the FEC railway on the East.  It's less than half a mile wide, and less than a mile long.  Primarily it is industrial with a very small pocket of 110 residential properties in the south

The West Palm Beach Planning Board just approved plans to allow a 173 unit residential building just south of Grandview Market to proceed. The development will be a mix of rental apartments with commercial space on the ground floor. There will be 32 studio apartments, 96 one bedroom, 45 two bedroom apartments.

This development will undoubtedly change the face of the neighborhood, leaving some current residents concerned. Parking seems to be at the top of the list.  Currently there are no sidewalks, and no on-street parking. Some of the residents believe it will only get worse as more businesses open like Steam Horse brewery and high density development begins. In the meantime, property values are steadily rising. Hopefully the increased development works out for the new residents, businesses, and all the people who call the Warehouse District home. There will be growing pains, but in the end we may very well have a new vibrant community to rival Miami's Wynwood. 

If you are interested in buying property in a rapidly changing neighborhood just let me know. There could be a very large ROI to be had in this tiny enclave. Send a message or give a call. 


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If you want to see how the sausage is made you can check out the Planning Board Meeting below.