5 Point Simple Open House Checklist.

5-Point Simple Open House Checklist

An open house can be a great way to drum up interest in your home and to get it sold. But always remember that not everyone you let into your home may be as trustworthy as you.  By following our 5-point simple checklist, you can greatly reduce the chances of someone with sticky fingers taking you for a ride.

  1. Don't make yourself a target and have valuable items in your listing photos. 
  2. Lock up anything of value or simply have them stored off site like jewelry, antiques, passports, Ipads, laptops, phones, important documents (even bills, they may have info thieves can use to steal your identity). 
  3. Lock up prescription medications.
  4. Remove any extra house keys, car keys garage door openers. 
  5. Make sure your realtor double checks that all windows and doors are locked upon completing the open house, and even have a neighbor check again if you're away. 

By following these steps, you should have a very smooth open house. If you ever want your REALTOR to take any additional steps to safeguard your home, like mandatory sign in, just ask.  It's your home. 

Have a safe open house. GET IT SOLD! 

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