Make sure your little slice of paradise isn’t a little slice of hell and hire your own inspector.  Who should you use? The Real Estate Agent recommended someone. Well, let's hold up right there and take a step back. My fellow REALTORS® may string me up for saying this, but I would recommend that you find your own inspector. 

Now why would I say that? You trust your agent right? Of course you do! You wouldn’t be working with them if you didn’t. But let’s look at where that inspectors bread gets buttered. 

If that inspector relies on repeat business from your agent, who do you think they are beholden to? If the inspector is too tough and critical, the deal may fall apart and the agent might not recommend them again. That's why you get your own inspector.  It may not be intentionally malicious to recommend an inspector who is known to be easy, but the scale might be tipped slightly out of your favor. 

Use the internet and find one yourself. Once you find a highly rated and qualified inspector, go on the inspection, don’t just sit at home and wait for a report. Follow them like a hawk, ask tons of questions. This may be the biggest investment of your life, and little things may turn into very big and expensive problems down the road. 

Is there mold, water damage, termites, how old is the AC, how old is the roof, are they at the end of their useful lives, whats that spot on the ceiling? These are all questions you need answers to before you enter into negotiations or maybe even walk away if the problems are more than what you're willing to deal with, and the seller won't fix them. 

Trust your agent. But always watch out for number one! 

If you're looking for a Realtor® who will always put your interests first, give a shout.

But you should still find your own inspector. 

Nicholas LaSorsa, P.A., Realtor®

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